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West End

West End is a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, located north-west of downtown, east of Queensgate, west of Over-the-Rhine, and south-east of Fairview. The population was 6,627 at the 2010 census.[1]

The historic West End was largely razed in the 1950s as part of a series of urban renewal projects, including the construction of Interstate 75.[2]

The West End is the location of City West, the largest housing development project in Cincinnati since World War II.[3] The project transformed the once low-income area into mixed-income development.[3] In 1999 many of the blighted, cramped buildings were leveled to make way for new townhomes with ample parking.[3] In 2007, part 1 crimes were down by 30% when compared to 1999.[3]

Controversy erupted in 2005 when plans were announced to open a $15-million "one-stop" social services facility at 800 Bank Street.[4] The project, known as CityLink, would be the largest such facility in Cincinnati.[5] Some argued that it would increase crime and poverty in the West End, decrease property value, and undermine the redevelopment there.[5] Some even accused the city of trying to relocate the poor from the thriving Over-the-Rhine neighborhood to the West End.[5] However, proponents argued that the West End's central location makes it easy for the poor to access.[5] A lawsuit to stop the CityLink project failed, as did the subsequent appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court.[4]

The West End is served by a branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.[6]

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