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Northside is a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was originally known as Cumminsville, but changed names to "Northside" several decades ago after I-74 divided the neighborhood into Northside and South Cumminsville. The population was 7,467 at the 2010 census.[1] Northside has a very racially and socio-economically diverse population, with concentrations of college students, artists, young professionals, and many members of the creative class. In recent years, Northside has earned a reputation as welcoming to Cincinnati's gay and lesbian community.

Two LEED-certified "Green" homesat the corner of Chase and Fergus

Northside has been described as "hip," "alternative," "progressive," and "liberal."[2][3] There are numerous shops and restaurants in the neighborhood, most of them independently owned.[2] Northside has been noted as "one of the best dining neighborhoods in [Cincinnati]."[4] During the warmer months the Northside Community Council[5] sponsors a farmer's market in Hoffner Park. Many of Cincinnati's original bands can be heard at Northside Tavern.

The neighborhood's popular Fourth of July celebrations, which include the Northside Fourth of July Parade[6] and the Northside Rock and Roll Carnival[7] draw citizens from across the region.

Northside's community includes an urban garden co-op that provides "access to healthy food for all residents of the community,"[8] as well as a volunteer bicycle co-op that promotes and provides cycling to residents.[9]To combat crime Northside's community replaced a troubled corner with two "green" homes.[10] Northside is bordered by the neighborhoods of Clifton, Mount Airy, Spring Grove Village, College Hill, and Westwood.

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