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Lower Price Hill

Price Hill is actually three neighborhoods of Cincinnati, Ohio, located north of Sedamsville and Riverside, south of Westwood and South Fairmount, and west of Queensgate. It is one of the oldest outlying settlements of Cincinnati,[2] and includes parts of the zip codes 45205, 45238, and 45204.[3]

Price Hill covers a little over six square miles, with over 31,000 residents. It is commonly subdivided into East Price Hill, West Price Hill, and Lower Price Hill.

Lower Price Hill is in the river valley to the southwest, comprising 0.57 square miles (1.5 km2). It was known as Eighth and State until recently, getting that name from the major intersection at its center. The 2010 Census lists the population as 1217, though it does not clearly demarc the line between Lower Price Hill and Queensgate, the neighboring industrial area that has little to no population. As of 2010, 22.0% of the households had one person, 78.0% had two people or more living in the home. The 2010 Census lists 61.5% of the residents as white and 25.8% as black with the Hispanic population listed at 12.3%. The region includes part of Mount Echo Park, and the Lower Price Hill Historic District.

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