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Carthage is a residential neighborhood located in the Mill Creek valley in Cincinnati, Ohio. It shares a border with Elmwood Place, Ohio, which, with adjacent St. Bernard, Ohio, forms a city island in the middle of Cincinnati.[1] The population was 2,733 at the 2010 census.[2]

This area was first settled in 1791 or 1792, when Capt. Jacob White, from Redstone (Brownsville), Pennsylvania settled and founded White's Station[3][self-published source?] in the extreme southeastern section of Springfield Township. White's Station, a small log blockhouse, was attacked by a party of Indians on the 19th of October, 1793.

Carthage had 148 inhabitants in the 1830 United States Census.[4]

Carthage was incorporated[5] as a village in 1868 and then annexed[6] into Cincinnati in 1911.

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