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Step 1 - Schedule a showing

Visit our Showings tab to set up your showing


The first step in finding the right housing is to make sure that it fits your needs. We prefer all tenants to see the unit before renting (If you are unable to attend an in-person showing please reach out to us, we have virtual tours available of most units) this way you are best informed to make a sound decision when committing to new housing.

Step 2 - Fill out the Application

Check your email, after showings we send out a prepaid application to attendies

In order to move forward with your new housing, we need your information to make sure you are whom you say you are and to ensure that you are financially capable of making this commitment. We need everyone that is going to be living on the property on the application. If you need someone added to your application and are unable to do so yourself please reach out to us.


We do all of our tenant management through - all tenants will need an account to apply for housing

Step 3 - Approval and Lease Signing

Check your email, we send email responses to applications and our leases are signed via

After completing the application we will review and respond to your request for housing. If approved we will send you a lease with all applicants as signers. Please review the lease, ask any questions needed and sign to complete the documentation process

Step 4 - Security Deposit and First Months Rent

Once you have a signed lease you will be able to set up payments on

With a signed lease the next step is to send the security deposit. This is due upon lease signing and payment will be requested once the lease signing is complete. After this payment is made the next payment due will be your first month's rent which is due before move-in. All payments will be scheduled through and can be paid via bank account or card. 

Step 5 - Move In and Utilities

You did it! The place is yours

Within 24 hours of move-in, the new tenant will receive the code to a lockbox on-site with keys inside or the code to the door itself depending on the property. Once inside the new tenant needs to complete the Moving Checklist on the Tenants tab and move the utilities into their name (See Utilities Guide on Tenants tab).

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